Custom Control Panels for Military Applications

Military Control Panel
Military Control Panel
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Fabricating control panels for military applications requires systems that are built to exact specifications. This particular system was designed to control a magnetic elevator, for advanced weapon equipment (AWE) on a military vessel. Due to limited space in such applications, size was a major concern, the system was built within a 72" long, 54" wide, and 20" deep, steel and nickel plated cabinet. Maximizing the use of space required a layout that featured layered components. Due to the fact that this system was to be used on a modern combat vessel, the entire system required vibration isolating features, as well as electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards. In addition all construction and components had to meet various applicable Mil-specs. The 50 finished control panels were also oil, water, and grease resistant. For more information on this project, or to learn about all of our capabilities, contact us directly.

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Highlights of Custom Control Panels for Military Applications

Product Description
This system controls a magnetic elevator on a military ship where vibration isolation is a very important factor.
Custom Fabrication Capabilities
Panel Fabrication
Overall Dimensions
Length: 72"
Width: 54"
Depth: 20"
Material Used
Material Finish
Nickel Plating
Vibration Isolation
EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Standards
Layered Components Within Enclosure to Minimize Overall Footprint
Resistant to:
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Grease
Industry for Use
50 Panels
Standards Met
EMI Specifications
Project Name
Control System for Magnetic Elevator (Advanced Weapon Equipment (AWE))