Control Panels for the Automotive Industry

Automotive Control Panel
Automotive Control Panel
Automotive Enclosure White
Automotive Enclosure Two Doors
 Automotive Enclosure Open

The picture of the control panel shown below is designed for use in an automotive glass bending system. This system triggers the control valves for a furnace system that bends automotive glass. The steel cabinet measures 84" in height, 78" in width, and 20" in depth. Enclosures such as this can be combined to allow the combination of up to 20 door enclosures. To learn more about this project, or the processes and equipment used to manufacture it, contact us directly.

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Highlights of Control Panels for the Automotive Industry

Product Description
Controls a glass bending system
Custom Fabrication Capabilities
Panel Fabrication
Overall Dimensions
Height: 84"
Width: 78"
Depth: 20"
Material Used
  • 2 Doors
  • Width is Virtually Unlimited by Combining them Together with up to 20 Door Enclosures
Industry for Use
Project Name
Automotive Glass Bending Control System