Custom Engraving Projects

Engraved Sign Project
Engraved Sign Project

Control panels for industrial applications typically require markings that convey key information to installers, inspectors, and operators. They are often imprinted with logos, serial numbers, model numbers, and other kinds of graphical information. Control panels come in many different shapes and sizes, and at Panel-Fab, we have the in-house capability to engrave both graphical and textual information onto panel sizes measuring up to 25.0" in length x 50.0" in width. The photographs shown here highlight some examples.

Marking requirements vary by product and industry and must comply with the regulations of the country where it will be put into service. We mark control panels that conform to UL, ETL, ESA, and CE standards for use in a diverse group of industries with operations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Our rotary engraving capabilities enable us to produce shallow and deep cuts on a wide variety of substrates that includes both metals and plastics.

With our high-performance, computer operated equipment; we have the ability to send detailed CAD drawings directly to the engraving table. Precise motion systems and a variety of cutting tools enable us to generate richly detailed graphics and clear, legible text on both flat and curved surfaces. Our computer controlled equipment produces the markings accurately and repeatably to ensure a high degree of consistency on projects that involve long production runs.

We take quality seriously and perform multiple visual inspections to ensure the engraved images and data conform to specification. When it comes time to source your next control panel, contact us directly to learn more about our panel building capabilities as well as the features and benefits of our engraving services.

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Highlights of Custom Engraving Projects

Project Name & Description
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Computer Operated - Design print out sent to the engraving table.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Rotary Engraving Tables:
(1) Xenetech 2550
(2) Xenetech 1625
Overall Part Dimensions
25" x 50"
Tightest Tolerances
± .03%
Material Used
Material Finish
Industry for Use
Multiple Industries for Control Panel
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Visual Inspection
Quoted job by job basis
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Emergency Service
Rush Service Available
Quoted job by job basis
Delivery Location
USA, Canada, Mexico
Standards Met